A CAR crashed into railings and a lamppost in Malvern.

The crash happened in Barnard's Green near the island today (Tuesday).

Police were on the scene along with Highways Maintenance after the crash caused damage.

Malvern Gazette: DAMAGE: Railings were damaged in Barnards Green in MalvernDAMAGE: Railings were damaged in Barnards Green in Malvern (Image: Cllr Malcolm Victory)

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "There was an RTC at Barnard’s Green Road, off Pickersleigh Road, Malvern at 10.37am this morning where one Peugeot car was in collision with a post at a pedestrian crossing.

"There was also a second car involved. No-one was injured and no arrests were made. The Peugeot was recovered after 1.30pm"

An eyewitness said: "At approximately 1.30pm I saw a vehicle being recovered from BG island.

"Workmen from Highway Maintenance later removed the damaged section of raining and lamp stanchion.

"Police were in attendance, and no-one was hurt although traffic including a bus which could not be diverted up Court Road were delayed."