A 30-YEAR-OLD who played a leading role in the 2011 London riots has been handed further jail time for launching a sickening assault on a female prison officer at a Worcestershire prison.

Alexander Elliott-Joahill, was described as the 'worst' London rioter after he smashed a brick through a police car when violence erupted in the capital 13 years ago.

He was previously jailed for eight years after carrying out his 10 hour 'orgy' of looting in a skull mask while being chauffeured around by a millionaire's daughter.

The yob also hit the headlines after featuring in gangster music videos on Youtube glamorising knife and gun attacks.

After being released from prison, he was put back behind bars for another 13 years for stabbing a man 13 times with a Rambo knife in High Wycombe, Bucks.

A court has now heard how Elliott-Joahill attacked a woman prison officer and two other staff working at at HMP Long Lartin, near Evesham, while serving his latest sentence.

He 'lost control' when he was refused permission to make a phone call on September 27, 2022 and kicked female guard Claire Bailey in the chest.

Elliott-Joahill then punched another prison officer causing severe concussion and also punched a NHS worker in the forehead at the category A Worcestershire jail.

He admitted a charge of wounding and two of assaulting an emergency worker and was jailed for a further two years at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday.

Malvern Gazette: JAIL: Alexander Elliott-Joahill attacked a female prison officer at HMP Long Lartin, near EveshamJAIL: Alexander Elliott-Joahill attacked a female prison officer at HMP Long Lartin, near Evesham (Image: SWNS)

Recorder Adrian Jack said the offences were aggravated by the fact that the victims were "prison officers serving in a prison" and that it had been a "prolonged incident".

The court heard Ms Bailey was taken to hospital and suffered injuries including torn muscles in her chest as well as torn ligaments in her left arm.

Simon Phillips, prosecuting, said: "Prison officer Claire Bailey was on duty in the segregation unit when she heard screaming from upstairs and the emergency bell.

"She ran out of her office and up the stair case.

"As she was on her way up she noticed the defendant breaking free from being restrained and starting to run towards her.

"He shouted 'move' but she did not have the opportunity to do so.

"She was three steps away from the top op the stair case when the defendant kicked her hard in the chest.

"He hit her with such force that she fell backwards, not touching steps on the way down.

"She cleared the stairs, landed on her arm and bottom and smacked her head on the metal railings in the middle of the stairs.

Malvern Gazette: PRISON: HMP Long LartinPRISON: HMP Long Lartin (Image: Jacob King/PA)

"The defendant jumped over her and carried on running. Prison officer Bailey could not sit up and had severe chest pain and pain to her neck and arm."

Mr Phillps said staff and the prison governor had been speaking with Elliott-Joahill in his cell about him wanting to make a phone call to his family over a bereavement.

He added: "The defendant was visibly emotional but not threatening them or making demands.

"He desperately wanted to make the phone call and he was told he could not.

"He threw himself out of the cell knocking staff out of the way."

Benjamin Squirrell, defending, said Elliott-Joahill had shown remorse for what he had done.

He added: "He was distressed because his partner had suffered a bereavement.

"This was a lapse of judgment which came at a difficult time of his sentence.

"He snapped on one occasion."