MALVERN Speakers has a fresh look with a new meeting room and newcomers heading along.

The most recent evening at the new location of The Cranny on the Great Malvern Hotel ground floor followed the usual format with Dave Evans the time keeper and green, amber and red lights guiding each speaker.

Jen Cashmore was the grammarian, choosing the word of the day, realisation, which everyone tried to use through the night and the ‘um counter’ looking out for anything that can interrupt the flow.

The impromptu speeches, led by Caroline Bellhouse, were based on how dogs teach us about life.

Jane Craven’s eyes twinkled with affection as she concurred her dogs do indeed focus on walks and naps.

Andrei Rezmerita and Tim Morris charmed the group with childhood memories of favourite canines, roaming the Romanian mountains and working with Herefordshire sheep respectively.

Joan Edwards took us on an imaginative stroll through the changing seasons in her garden while Karen Lowen was reminded how invested she was in a canine character in a novel.

But guest Simon Blundell’s description of post-work homecomings drew the most laughs and won the best table topic ribbon.

President Roger Granville gave a powerpoint presentation about how the parent organisation Toastmasters supports members and about the pathways available to improve.

Geoff Richardson’s speech ‘Farewell February– we will miss you’ was thought-provoking, descriptive and hopeful.

The speeches were evaluated in a friendly and constructive manner, giving practical feedback with Andrei voted the best evaluator of the evening.

The next meeting will be at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start on Tuesday, March 19 at The Cranny and everyone is welcome.