THE DRIVER of a white Range Rover was handed a fine and points on their licence for looking at their phone.

Road safety police had one question for drivers - "worth it?" - after the driver was handed a £200 fine and had six points added to their license.

The driver was caught clearly staring at their phone at the wheel by speed enforcement officers.

A spokesperson for Road Safety West Mercia said: "This motorist was recently caught on camera by one of our speed enforcement officers out on site.

"Detecting those that are speeding is the core role of our speed enforcement officers, but they can capture footage of other offences which cause a danger on the roads. 

"We’ve pixelated the motorist’s face but the original version highlights a clear distraction with eyes firmly on the phone and not on the road.

"The driver of this vehicle is now £200 worse off and has 6 points on their licence. Worth it? It’s your call."