A CONSULTANCY firm has been appointed to oversee the multi-million pound expansion of a theatre.

Malvern Hills District Council and Malvern Theatres Trust Board have appointed a construction consultancy firm to its £20m expansion scheme.

The project's management and cost services will be handled by EDGE.

A hefty sum was invested into the project from the UK government's Levelling Up funding last year.

It is aimed at broadening access to creative arts by expanding the influential cultural hub and its community services.

This scheme will put forth a 2,000sqm extension for the theatre, creating a new studio theatre, diverse workshop spaces, editing rooms and areas for commercial events.

The extension project is to be carried out in collaboration with Burrell Foley Fischer's architectural team.

Attracting nearly 300,000 attendees annually, the project's central objective is to deliver a top-tier cultural facility, raising visitation by approximately 135,000 more people per annum.

In doing so, the local Great Malvern economy could see a significant boost of approximately £11m per year.

Malvern Gazette: The project's management and cost services will be handled by EDGE

Senior project manager at EDGE, Josh Barber said: "We’re really pleased to have been appointed to help bring the new state-of-the-art theatre to life, which will widen access to both culture and opportunity, broadening scope to offer the local population training and experiences in performing arts, digital media and hospitality."

The revitalised facility will strive to encourage higher participation by individuals facing mental or physical challenges.

This will be achieved by improving access to the theatre's main offer as well as tailoring events through its 'Take Part' programme.

School capacities will also rise as a result of the new facilities.

An additional 105 local schools will now be able to utilise the premises for theatre performances and specific workshops.

The project forecasts to create 45 jobs directly and a further 120 indirect employment opportunities in the future.

Crucially, the theatre aims to designate 10 per cent of these roles for apprentice positions or work experience opportunities for schoolchildren.

Fred Moroni, the marketing director at Malvern Theatres, said: "We're delighted that EDGE has been appointed as a key partner in the delivery of this exciting and transformative project for Malvern."

Expectations are high from all sides, with completion aimed for 2026.