DISCOUNT lovers were pleased to hear that a major American wholesaler will be opening a store near Worcestershire—but what do we know so far?

Costco Wholesale - a store which sells major brands at bargain prices - revealed last year that it has plans to open just 35 minutes from Worcester.

A planning application was officially submitted a planning application to open a warehouse and petrol station at the former Interbrew on January 11.

The wholesaler revealed that it hopes for a bakery, a sushi area, a deli and a rotisserie inside its warehouse, which will span 13,109m2.

Plans include creating around 630 parking spaces, including 20 spaces for disabled badge holders, a number of EV charging points, and 20 cycle spaces. 

The Costco is estimated to provide 250 new full-time jobs in the area. 

In addition, there would be space for an employee lounge, a customer hearing centre, a tyre fitting area, and a kitchen for the restaurant. 

Meanwhile, the petrol station would have space for eighteen filling spaces for drivers. 

The warehouse store will be open from 10am to 8.30pm on weekdays, from 9.30am to 8.30pm on Saturdays, and from 11am to 5pm on Sundays. 

How can I get a Costco membership?

Unfortunately, Costco is not open to everyone, and you cannot just walk in and reap its benefits.

Costco is only accessible to its members, and to be a member, you have to be a registered business or be VAT-registered.

There is also no way of sneaking into a Costco because you must show your membership card to enter the building.

You can apply for a Costco membership if you work or are retired from these professions: 

Banking or finance

Local government

Fire and rescue service

Post office



Police force

Civil service or armed forces

Medical or health service


Or you can if you have qualified as:

  • Qualified or certified chartered accountant
  • Chartered architect
  • Doctors (MD), dentists, opticians or pharmacists
  • Chartered surveyor
  • Solicitor, barrister, magistrate or advocate
  • Chartered engineer