A beloved community member of the Malvern Catholic community recently marked his 100th birthday with a special party at the Worcestershire Golf Club.

Frank Doran, who is a member of Malvern Catenian Association Circle, shared the occasion with his circle friends, their partners and his son, Gerry in February.

At the party, Catenian Circle president, John Duddington gave a speech paying homage to the significant life achievements of Mr Doran.


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A founder member of Malvern Catenians in 1972, Mr Doran, a trained history teacher, also founded Blessed Edward Oldcorne School in Worcester in 1963, where he served as headmaster for many years.

Mr Doran’s contributions transcend academia; during the war, he served with the 15th Air Formation Signals, participating in the D Day landings and eventually setting up the first land-line contact with Paris, earning him the French "Legion d’Honneur" medal.

His 100th birthday was further commemorated with a congratulatory card from King Charles and Queen Camilla, as well as a framed Blessing from Pope Francis.