THE moment large volumes of water started bursting from a pipe within a sinkhole in Malvern has been caught on camera.

The hole, at the top end of Moorlands Road alongside a footpath on the edge of Link Top Common, has been an area of concern for residents since October.

Resident Helen Milton said she fears for children and animals' safety if they accidentally get trapped in the sinkhole when the water is gushing out.

Mrs Milton said heavy rainfall could cause the sinkhole to flood, leading to neighbouring roads and residents' drives being flooded.

She said she alerted Malvern Hills Trust, Malvern Hills District Council and her MP Harriett Baldwin to the matter last year, but she says no one she has called has said they are responsible for sorting it out.

"What is happening now is you can see the force of water now shooting out," she said.

Malvern Gazette: Barriers around the sinkholeBarriers around the sinkhole (Image: NQ)"If we get another torrential rainfall or storm, the hole will fill up, and water will flood the road, and residents drive again. 

"They (the authorities) need to get cracking on and do something soon and fill the hole. 

"I get a lot is going on when it comes to excessive rainfall in Malvern, and this is going on elsewhere, but this is quite a major hole in the middle of the town by a major footpath. 

"I fear that during the holidays, children will maybe think  'this is interesting' and want to explore it.

Malvern Gazette: The sinkhole has been there for weeks.The sinkhole has been there for weeks. (Image: NQ)"Again, a small animal could get through the barrier and could disappear with the level of water gushing through."

Initially, the sinkhole had three barriers around it, and now there are nine.

It is about two and a half metres long, two metres wide in one place and at least a metre deep.

Previously, Councillor Beverley Nielsen said: "Worcestershire County Council sent surveyors to the site yesterday and today  (20th /21st Feb) to assess, without prejudice, who owns and is responsible for the pipe. We should be able to assess ownership by the end of today (22nd Feb).

"Worcestershire County Council have told me that they cleared the drive previously following rain and the road when it had become obstructed with debris.

"I know my highways colleagues are keen to resolve this situation, and I am very concerned for Mrs Milton and the inconvenience which she has suffered, although highways are continuing to work to establish how such flooding is occurring.

"I am at least able to report that the water from this pipe is not mixing with any foul water."

Malvern Gazette has contacted Worcestershire County Council for an updated comment.