MALVERN’S sinkhole saga flows on with water from the weekend rain chiselling at the sides to push it wider and none of the authorities still seemingly able to help.

The hole is at the top end of Moorlands Road alongside a footpath on the edge of Link Top Common and Mrs Helen Milton, who lives close by, has been trying to get help to sort it out since the end of October last year.

So far, she says there has been no remedy and the hole is just getting deeper and wider.

Originally it had three barriers around it, and now there are nine.

It is about two and a half metres long, two metres wide in one place and at least a metre deep.

Malvern Hills Trust has cleared some broken pipe from the hole, which was obstructing the flow of water. 

Mrs Milton said: “If the downpipe gets blocked again then it could fill up the hole causing a repeat of the problem. 

"There could be overflowing water washing away my neighbour’s drive into the road causing a real road safety issue on Moorlands Road.

“We had a fair amount of rain over the weekend and although not as dramatic as the other week when the hole filled and the water was pouring down the road, the hole was still filling up and could be a danger to children playing around.”

Malvern Hills Trust, Malvern Hills Council, Severn Trent Water, Worcestershire County Council and MP Harriet Baldwin have all been informed of the problem.

While Malvern Hills Trust workmen have cleared out the hole removing soil and parts of the dangerous broken pipe, none of the authorities appear to be responsible.

Severn Trent went out and checked the hole and confirmed it was not their pipe and is not connected to the Severn Trent network.

Worcestershire County Council has sent a contractor out to assess the current situation.

Mrs Milton said: “I don’t know what else we can do. It is going to get bigger and bigger. Who does the pipe belong to and will someone please come and fix it.”

County Councillor for Malvern Langland, Beverley Nielsen said: “Worcestershire County Council sent surveyors to the site yesterday and today  (20th /21st Feb) to assess, without prejudice, who owns and is responsible for the pipe. We should be able to assess ownership by end of today (22nd Feb).

“Worcestershire County Council have told me that they cleared the drive previously following rain and the road when it had become obstructed with debris.

"I know my highways colleagues are keen to resolve this situation and I am very concerned for Mrs Milton and the inconvenience which she has suffered although highways are continuing to work to establish how such flooding is occurring.

“I am at least able to report that the water from this pipe is not mixing with any foul water.”