A GROUP believes Malvern people are being "incredibly supportive" in helping refugees from a war-torn nation.

Malvern Homes for Ukraine says more hosts for families are still required with 400 people from the country living in the district and more set to arrive.

Russia launched a full-scale invasion in February 2022 and the war is ongoing with six civilians reported to have been killed in missile strikes on the capital Kyiv and the second-largest city Kharkiv this week.

The group's volunteer co-ordinator Alison Maddrell said: "In the early days, support was very much geared towards connecting the families arriving here and we set up a Messenger group purely for guests as well as holding regular social events.

"These were particularly important for younger people who might not see each other in the week. Support is now very well established.

"The (Malvern Hills District) Council has dedicated liaison officers in place, community builders are there to continue the social work side of things and our guests themselves are actively supporting each other.

"Many Ukrainians now have social or independent housing and the local communities surrounding them have been incredibly supportive.

"We have seen how local neighbours have actively engaged with their new residents and our Ukrainian network is incredibly grateful for all the help they have received while settling in.

"Our visiting families are generally very happy here as are their kids who have settled well in schools all across town.

"Ukrainian nationals are all very enterprising and everyone is working in some capacity.

"The job centre have even commented that they have enjoyed helping in their search for employment such is the enthusiasm to work and pay their own way.

"And people are still arriving. Although new hosts are much harder to find now and existing hosts may not host again, we are still seeing families arriving here in Malvern.

"As a volunteer co-ordinator since the start of the war, I would like to thank each and every person who has helped in some capacity along the way.

"I would also be more than happy to advise anyone still considering hosting a family or individual in need. The war continues.

"Please contact me through the Malvern Homes for Ukraine Facebook page."

There are also more details on the work and needs in the area via the Support for Ukraine section on the district council website.