Morrisons has joined forces with Heartstart Malvern to give free life-saving training to shoppers and the community.

The 90-minute training sessions, at the Morrisons in Malvern Retail Park, will equip participants with the know-how to carry out CPR and use a defibrillator.

No prior first-aid knowledge is necessary to participate in the sessions.


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As Morrisons Community Champion Antony Hornby explains, the store had no reservations in supporting the initiative when the chance to partner up arose.

He said: "We did not hesitate to offer Heartstart Malvern the use of our facilities to deliver their life-saving training when they approached us."

He highlighted an incident in June 2022 when store staff successfully resuscitated a customer who suffered a cardiac arrest within the premises.

"Despite my colleagues performing CPR on the gentleman for over 20 minutes, the gentleman made a full recovery.

"We hope that by offering the training in our store that more lives can be saved."

Mr Hornby added: "I would encourage as many of our customers and other members of the local community as possible to come forward to learn how to do CPR and use a defibrillator.

"It could help save a life".

Heartstart Malvern’s Chairman, Richard Vakis-Lowe, stressed how the training could aid in saving more lives, as most cardiac arrests occur at home.

He said: "With over 80% of cardiac arrests happening at home, the successful resuscitation of this gentleman demonstrates how important it is for everyone to know how to do CPR and to use a defibrillator.

"If a bystander does not start CPR within three minutes of a person collapsing from a cardiac arrest they will not survive."

He continued: "Heartstart Malvern is extremely grateful for Morrisons allowing us to use their facilities.

"This will help make our training more accessible to the local community".

The first training session is set to take place in the Moore's Cafe on Thursday, January 25 at 7pm.

Anyone interested can book a spot in advance by visiting the Heartstart Malvern website ( or by calling 07926 615812.