RESIDENTS want to bring the curtain down on "dangerous and illegal" pantomime parkers on roads surrounding a popular venue.

They say busy nights for Malvern Theatres' shows see vehicles left on double yellow lines and pavements, particularly with Cinderella having just completed a near month-long stint.

Malvern Hills District Council urged people to report illegal parking and warned it could "in some cases hinder emergency services from providing life-saving treatment".

Local resident Tom Cole said: "The main issue is people parking illegally on the double yellow lines all along Grange Road and into Abbey Road.

"It seems, as soon as the parking bays next to the theatre fill up, people just leave their car on double yellows, presumably because they know they can get away with it.

"This has the effect of narrowing the road and at busy times effectively turning it into a one-way street as cars block the road.

"I've also seen multiple examples of pavement parking, again where there are double yellows, including across dropped kerbs making access for people in wheelchairs or with pushchairs very difficult.

"This happens any time there's a busy night at the theatre but is much more noticeable during panto season as it's like this pretty much every night for a month.

"I have no issue with visitors parking on the street where it's legal to do so - this isn't about trying to guard parking spaces for local residents.

"But the dangerous and illegal parking needs to stop. It's extremely inconsiderate to residents and other visitors."

Mr Cole says there are two car parks by the theatre, a bigger one in Priory Road and bays in Grange Road.

He feels the theatre should do more to discourage illegal parking, especially for big shows.

Malvern Theatres, which was unavailable for comment, offers parking advice on its website.

Amanda Smith, the district council's head of community and parking services, said: “Our civil enforcement officers patrol all areas of the Malvern Hills district where parking restrictions exist to ensure drivers are parking legally.

"If they are not parking in accordance with the regulations, the driver should expect to receive a penalty charge notice.

"Parking illegally can cause disruption to traffic flow, block access for pedestrians and in some cases hinder emergency services from providing life-saving treatment.

"We encourage residents to report illegal parking on our website at

"Malvern Theatres actively promotes the number of car parks within easy walking distance to its users."