A THINK tank has revealed its hopes for a world record-breaking theatre to be revived.

High Street Malvern (HSM) believes the Theatre of Small Convenience, which is being sold by owners Malvern Hills District Council, could be brought "under the umbrella" of Malvern Theatres.

The council has secured a near-£20 million grant from the Government's Levelling Up Fund for the Grange Road complex which is run by Malvern Theatres Trust on a long-term lease from the local authority.

A statement from HSM, whose members are set to meet with council leader Tom Wells on Monday to discuss the issue, said of the grant: "Plans are being developed to make a number of changes, including the building of an open-air theatre.

"The result will be an even more prestigious venue for a wide range of events and community use.

"Within the strict terms of this grant, it would be possible to bring the 'Little Theatre' under the umbrella of the main theatre and carry out the purchase and renovation of the building.

"The maintenance of the building could be carried out at minimal cost by the existing theatre maintenance staff.

"The continuing running of the 'Little Theatre' would have to be managed with grants and some ticket income.

"Use of the Levelling Up monies would also address some of the criticism of it being elitist and not addressing the needs of the wider community.

"In line with most other theatres in the country, it will not survive without public money. It is very much part of the Malvern cultural landscape and should not be allowed to be demolished without a thorough debate about its future."

Facebook group 'Friends of The Theatre of Small Convenience' has also been pushing to reopen the Edith Walk venue which seats 12 people and entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2002 as the world’s smallest commercial theatre.

It closed in 2017 and was leased to Warwickshire College Group until 2022.

HSM is calling for talks over the options including with the theatres' trustees and Facebook group members, a council extension for the sale tender period which is currently Monday, January 22 and assessments of potential community benefits and footfall and tourism effects.

A council spokesperson said: “We are encouraging applications to take on Edith Walk Theatre with a long-term plan to ensure it becomes an asset to the community once again."

Malvern Theatres opened a £2.25 million extension last July which includes a new entrance, performance space and improved disabled access.