2023 was a big one! But how much do you actually remember happening? Take our epic end-of-the-year quiz to find out.

Big Brother returned, Eurovision came to the UK, the Beatles released a new song and a new King was crowned.

Did Billy Joel write 2023? 

This year deserves its own 'We Didn't Start The Fire' - from Blockbuster hits to political fallouts, it's been packed to the brim with non-stop news, sports, entertainment and jaw-dropping moments. 

Malvern Gazette: From Big Brother to Rishi Sunak's statements, what are the biggest stories of 2023? ( ITV/ PA)From Big Brother to Rishi Sunak's statements, what are the biggest stories of 2023? ( ITV/ PA) (Image: ITV/ PA)

It's hard to believe that 2023 could feel quicker (and crazier) than the years before it and yet somehow it has.

Over the year, we've been covering the biggest stories affecting our readers - locally and nationally - from political resignations to celebrity deaths.

And every week, we have also been testing your general knowledge with mind-boggling pub quizzes.

Now, it's time that we bring those two worlds together (and see if you have been paying attention!).

We have rounded up 23 questions (for 2023, get it?) which range from the world of sport and politics to TV and music. 

Which actors won an Oscar this year? Who was People's Sexiest Man of the Year? What were the biggest TikTok trends and which singer had the most number ones? 

This quiz asks the biggest, silliest and most shocking questions of the year as we look back on 2023 which was just a never-ending series of 'I-can't-believe-that-happened'.

Whether you have been reading the headlines day after day or you've been getting your updates from the family WhatsApp, these questions will put your memory to the test.

Warning: This quiz could lead to excessive head scratching, sighing and spontaneous exclamations of 'Wait, was that really just this year?'

If you're ready to say goodbye to 2023 (and really, who isn't?) and welcome in a new year, let's get on with it!

Best of luck!

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Thank you for taking our end-of-the-year quiz and reading our articles and coverage throughout the year. 

We look forward to bringing you even more next year and we wish you all a very, very happy 2024.