A ROAD in Upton is closed due to flooding as Storm Gerrit batters the country, causing travel disruption and power cuts with more rain on the way. 

New Street in Upton has been closed due to flooding, Worcestershire County Council has confirmed this afternoon.



It comes as a Met Office yellow warning for either wind, rain or snow came into force today for large parts of the UK including Wales, much of Scotland, Northern England, parts of the Midlands and the south coast. 

River levels are rising at the Bewdley river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall, meaning flooding of roads and farmland is possible.

Locations affected by flooding on the Severn are Stourport, Holt Fleet, Worcester, Kempsey, Severn Stoke and Upton upon Severn.

Further rainfall is forecast today and over the next five days.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders said: “Storm Gerrit will run towards western UK on Wednesday and bring with it potential impacts for much of the UK.

“Winds across southern coastal areas of England will be strong, possibly peaking around 70 mph on exposed coastlines, but more widely around 50-60 mph within the warning area.

“Rain is an additional hazard from Storm Gerrit, with active weather fronts leading to a wet day for many. Snow is also likely to cause problems for some northern areas: only briefly for a few upland routes across the Pennines and southern Scotland overnight and early on Wednesday, but more widely to the north of the Central Lowlands later in the day.

"Here around 10 to possibly 20cm of snow may affect some of the highest routes, this combining with very strong winds to lead to some difficult travel conditions. At lower levels a combination of heavy rain and very strong winds will dominate.”