A medium power electric hub has been launched at Strensham Southbound on the M5.

The hub has been launched by partners Roadchef and Gridserve.

It is the next stage after the successful opening of four Electric Super Hubs at Watford Gap North and South on the M1, Sandbach Southbound, on the M6, and Chester, on the M56.

The consortium announced its intentions to expand electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities at Roadchef Motorway Service Areas (MSA) over the summer, reflecting a broader commitment to increasing green infrastructure in the UK.

These advancements are part of a wider sustainability focus from Roadchef, eager to extend Britain's capabilities for safer, more environmentally conscious travel.

Paul Comer, director of EV implementation at Roadchef said: "With the triumphant launch of our first Electric Super Hubs at Watford Gap North and South, Sandbach Southbound and Chester, we're thrilled to extend our commitment to sustainable travel at Strensham Southbound.

"As the EV revolution gains momentum, it's imperative for our facilities to evolve accordingly.

"Expanding our Electric Hub network with GRIDSERVE at Strensham Southbound marks a significant stride towards meeting the soaring demand and steering our journey towards a greener future.”

Strensham Southbound now hosts four Gridserve medium charger bays, each capable of delivering up to 100kW of power.

Previously without chargers, these additions not only provide crucial infrastructure but also offer more capacity than standard chargers at other Roadchef sites.

Plans to further develop the area in the forthcoming year are underway, with an aim to include high power chargers from Gridserve to serve the growing number of EV drivers.

Currently, Roadchef offers over 40 Gridserve medium power chargers and 24 standalone AC chargers across 29 sites.

Future expansions of EV charging facilities are expected as plans progress towards 2024.

This continual development serves as an integral part of promoting and facilitating environmentally friendly travel across the UK.