A 29-year-old thief has been given a suspended jail sentence.

West Mercia Police say Natalie Cull, of Madresfield Village, Madresfield near Malvern, was arrested by officers and charged with multiple shoplifting offences last week.

We previously reported her co-accomplice Mark Spragg, 42, of Madresfield Village, Madresfield was jailed at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday, (December 7).

Malvern Gazette: COURT: Natalie CullCOURT: Natalie Cull (Image: West Mercia Police)A police spokesperson said: "Cull was sentenced where her eight-week suspended sentence was extended to an 18-month suspended sentence and was served with a supervision order for 18 months.

"Cull and Spragg have been a two-person crime wave across the Malvern area for a number of months.

Malvern Gazette: THIEF: Mark SpraggTHIEF: Mark Spragg (Image: West Mercia Police)"They have been arrested a number of times recently and each time continued to commit shoplifting offences after being released from court.

"The custodial sentence for Spragg is a great result and sends out a message to thieves.

"The 18-month suspended sentence and supervision order issued to Cull will hopefully act as a deterrent to her offending behaviour."