This week we're taking it back to Christmas 2003 - when children from a host of primary schools donned their costumes and took to the stage to present their own versions of the nativity.

The Downs School, in Colwall, staged two plays.

Twenty-seven children from the kindergarten classes performed Come to the Party at Bethlehem, while the junior school performed Jesus in the Manger last Thursday at Colwall Memorial Hall.

Children at the Madresfield Early Years Centre created their version of the nativity story and Colwall Primary School approached

the nativity theme from a modern angle, through the play Are We Nearly There Yet?

More than 60 children at Hampton preprep school, in Malvern, presented the tale of The Bossy Christmas Fairy.

So, 20 years on - do you recognise any of these little angels, fairies or elves?