PAST employees of a former Great Malvern store have revealed their struggles with the condition of the building's roof while working there.

New tenants are believed to be on the way for the site previously occupied by Wilko which has remained unused since the national chain moved out on September 24 after going into administration.

But rumours have persisted over the state of the Church Walk building's roof though its current condition could not be confirmed by managing agents Lawson and Partners nor Malvern Hills District Council.

Ex-Wilkos team supervisor Annamay Brown, who found another job in retail as the store closed, said: "The roof was in such disrepair we had to block off aisles due to flooding.

"Drip trays were installed towards the end and they involved a bit of tarpaulin with a hose attached being screwed into the ceiling with the hose leading to what was essentially just a blue plastic bin that we had to empty manually.

"We were given three despite there being at least six obvious leaks in the ceiling and unfortunately all they did was divert the leaks to other parts of the store.

"I think once the roof has been fixed, which I imagine will be an extremely costly job, it would be great to see a store like The Range or B&M take over.

"I just hope that whoever takes it on is able to offer all of my colleagues a chance at working there once again as we have all been deeply affected by the closure."

The building was built in the 1980s and went on to be occupied by The International, Somerfield, Co-op and then Wilko.

Another former employee David P Davies said: "I worked in that building for over 30 years. The roof is like Swiss cheese. You go up in the loft space and you can see the sky in loads of places.

"There is water seeping in through the wall by the steps and mold was growing in various places which had to be wiped down frequently. Even the ceiling on the shop floor was falling off in chunks."

Councillor Beverley Nielsen, portfolio holder for economic development and tourism at the district council, previously said they believed the lease was in the process of being assigned which John Brown, of the London-based managing agents, confirmed.

But neither could shed any light on the condition of the building's roof with Cllr Nielsen saying: "We have no insights into the state of the building."