A production of Cluedo 2: The Next Chapter will stop off at Malvern Festival Theatre on their 2024 UK tour.

Following the success of its critically acclaimed predecessor, the comedy mystery sequel will play in Malvern from Tuesday, April 30 to Saturday, May 4, as part of a five-month journey that will visit more than 20 venues across the UK.

The play, presented by JAS Theatricals, Gabriel Creative Partners, The Araca Group and Lively McCabe Entertainment, is based on Hasbro's classic board game.

The play is honouring the game's 75th anniversary by taking to the stage once more with an entirely new plot.

This comedy thriller, penned by BAFTA Award-winning duo Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, embarks on a world premiere tour that kicks off in Richmond Theatre on February 29.

Malvern Gazette: BAFTA award-winning duo Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran penned the comedy thriller

Mr Marks said about the play: “I think the producers felt that Maurice and I had a pretty good grip on the 60s which is when they wanted the play to be set somewhere in England.

"The challenge was to make audiences laugh, make them keep guessing and make them occasionally gasp out loud while keeping it clean – something for the whole family.”

The new theatrical instalment presents a fresh story set and introduces viewers to a host of new characters.

These include The Honourable Mrs Emerald Peacock, Colonel Eugene Mustard, ‘Professor’ Alex Plum, Miss Annabel Scarlett, ‘The Reverend’ Hal Green and the housekeeper Mrs White.

Director Mark Bell, who directed the original Cluedo play in the UK and the worldwide hit, The Play That Goes Wrong, the characters returns once more with a murder mystery that keeps audiences guessing until the final act.

As the body count rises and the infamous colourful characters dart from room to room, attempting to dodge the murderer, audience members of all ages are encouraged to watch for clues, solve the mystery and work out who's responsible in efforts to identify who, with what and where the murder was committed.

The cast is yet to be revealed, but will be announced soon.

Tickets will be available for purchase on cluedostageplay.com.

Ticket prices begin at just £13.