A MAN was surprised to see an unexpected visitor in his back garden - a muntjac deer who stopped by for a photoshoot.

The deer visited Kelvyn Harris' garden, in Wells Road, Malvern, who captured the pictures of the curious deer exploring the environment.

Mr Harris said deer often pay a visit to his garden.

He said: "We are on the Wells Road and regularly have garden visitors including muntjac, which seem to visit more regularly.

"This was taken in the late morning, last Wednesday (November 8).

"On this occasion, I had my camera close to capture a few photos as it spent time slowly exploring the garden."

According to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, the muntjac deer was introduced into the UK from China in the twentieth century. 

Muntjac deer can be identified by their small, stocky frame, and their gingery-brown colour with a pale underside.

The deer have darker stripes on its face, and small, single-pointed antlers.