A senior councillor is “disgusted” that disabled parking bays have been blocked by a council trailer.

A number of spaces in Hanley Road car park in Upton are currently taken up by a trailer containing flood defences.

Martin Allen, who represents Upton on the county and district councils, said there are plenty of other places in the car park the trailer could have been left.

But the county council says the trailer was put in the only viable place at a critical time, with flood waters rising.

“This is not the first time,” said Cllr Allen. “Last time it happened, I pointed out the error and I was promised it would not happen again, so I didn’t make a fuss and just accepted it was a lesson learnt. 

“When I found out about it happening again, I made enquiries and was told there was nowhere else to leave it.

“It’s a huge car park, they were spoiled for choice. But no, instead they dumped the trailer where it was easiest for them, right over the disabled bays.”

Cllr Allen said it is particularly disrespectful to block disabled parking spaces in the run up to the Remembrance weekend.

“This is Remembrance Week, the week when we should remember all of our veterans,” he said. “It looks like the county council didn’t think for one second about the disabled veterans or the disabled civilians.

“This is simply not good enough. The county council should be ashamed. I have since discovered that Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC) only gave reluctant permission after the county council had carried out the dirty deed.

“I have noticed that the trailer has a number plate on it, I feel that MHDC traffic wardens should put a parking ticket on it.”

Councillor Mike Rouse, cabinet member for highways and transport, for Worcestershire County Council said: “In the face of the swift and severe increase in river levels due to Storm Babet, we had to take decisive action to safeguard the local community.

“The deployment of a flood skip in Hanley Road car park was an emergency measure, taken to ensure the protection of life and property, with the placement in disabled parking bays being the only viable option at that critical time when decisions had to be made on the spot. 

“At times like this we have to prioritise everyone’s safety and take necessary action in potential life-threatening situations. The skip is scheduled for removal within a week.”