A MANHUNT has been launched to find a suspected burglar as police make a series of burglary arrests which is a 'top priority' for the force.

Police are trying to locate Dean Wooldridge, 48, of Britannia Square in Worcester who is in breach of court bail for burglary.

Senior detectives are asking for any information from the public which could help to find the city burglary suspect as police continue to make arrests and charge suspects for break-ins both domestic and commercial.  

Malvern Gazette: WANTED: Dean Wooldridge is wanted by West Mercia Police WANTED: Dean Wooldridge is wanted by West Mercia Police (Image: West Mercia Police)

Wooldridge was charged and remanded but released on bail on suspicion of a burglary in Farrier Square in Droitwich on September 23.

DI Dave Knight of Proactive CID said Wooldridge was now in breach of court bail and officers were actively searching for him.

There are 27 ongoing burglary cases in South Worcestershire going through the courts while 77 further burglary investigations are now underway.

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"Our sole role is to bring burglars to justice. The charges we have relate to hard work by different departments within policing, including uniformed patrols. I hope the results give an indication of how seriously we take burglaries in South Worcestershire," he said. 

In an unrelated case, Connor Reeve, 19, of Childswickham, near Evesham, has been charged with three house burglaries between June 20 and October 3 - one in Lansdowne Road which involved the theft of a Volkswagen Passat, the second involving the theft of jewellery from an address in Melrose Close in Worcester and the third involving the alleged ransacking of a house in Tearne Street in Worcester after a suspect entered through a rear patio door. 

In a further, unconnected case, 52-year-old John Copson of Lansdowne Road in Worcester has been charged with two burglaries 'other than dwelling' when food was stolen from a garage in the city's Till Street on January 11 and September 11.

Also, in another unrelated burglary case, Leslie Norman, 39, of no fixed abode and Mark McCaffrey, 41, of St Helens in the North West have been charged with a business burglary at a building site at Sherriff Street in Worcester.  

Meanwhile, another youth from Worcester has been arrested for a double car key burglary in Malvern.

This follows arrests in Dines Green on Sunday, October 15 after cars were stolen in car key burglaries when a BMW, a Mercedes, a Hyundai and a Citroen were taken.

The burglaries occurred in Richmond Road and Goodwood Road in Malvern on Saturday, October 14 into Sunday, October 15.

A Hyundai and a BMW were taken from Richmond Road and a Mercedes and a Citroen C3 from Goodwood Road. 

Between October 8 and November 8 six suspects have been charged with burglary. 

The advice from West Mercia Police is to call 999 in the event of a burglary in progress.