A SCAMMER managed to defraud a countryside pub by using a counterfeit Scottish banknote to buy a £4 drink.

Scottish notes have now been banned at the Rose and Crown, in Severn Stoke, after a man used a fake £50 note in the pub.

The fraudster used the fake banknote to pay for a £4 bottle from the pub and left with £46 in change.

Andrew Goodall, landlord of The Rose & Crown at Severn Stoke, said: " This really caught us by surprise. 

"Normally our team are really vigilant with fake currency but that night we were so busy that this one managed to slip through the cracks.

Malvern Gazette: BAN: Landlord Andrew Goodall has banned Scottish £50 notes from The Rose & Crown after they were scammed.BAN: Landlord Andrew Goodall has banned Scottish £50 notes from The Rose & Crown after they were scammed. (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

"I wanted to share this with other businesses around the area to keep them alert as we are all just trying to run our businesses and earn a living."

Mr Goodall believes the fraudster may have attempted to trick other Worcestershire businesses into accepting the fake £50 notes.

He said: "We think this person is probably not local but made their way down the A38 calling into a few places to try their luck again.

"If I can just share what happened and make others alert in the area then I will be happy."

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said officers are now trying to trace the man.

They said: "We did receive a report from The Rose and Crown in Severn Stoke on 4 November about somebody using counterfeit bank notes.

"Officers are investigating the incident and have contacted other businesses in the area to ask if they have experienced similar.

"We are not aware of an increased problem in the area."

Anyone with information should call 101.

Scottish banknotes are not legal tender.

Only the Bank of England issues banknotes in England and Wales, but six banks in Scotland and Northern Ireland can also issue banknotes. Coins are manufactured and issued by the Royal Mint.

Anyone who has been the victim of counterfeit money, or any other scams, fraud or online crime (cybercrime) can report it to Action Fraud.

Action Fraud is the national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime. It collects reports about fraud on behalf of the police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Incidents can be reported online at www.actionfraud.police.uk/reporting-fraud-and-cyber-crime or by calling 0300 123 2040 between Monday and Friday.