A MALVERN postmistress has delivered a petition to Downing Street against the loss of DVLA services from post offices.

Jenny Cain, who runs Barnards Green Post Office, also appeared on BBC TV and radio on what she said was a “surreal day”.

A petition was started by the National Federation of SubPostmasters earlier this year after the Government announced DVLA services would be removed from Post Offices from March 31, 2024.

“It means people won’t be able to tax their car here, apply for new driving licences, which we do on a tablet, or get international driving permits,” said Miss Cain.

The petition was put out in post offices around the country - including Barnards Green - and nationwide was signed by more than 100,000 people.

“These were collated and taken to Downing Street, where we asked if the decision could be reversed,” said Miss Cain.

“As post offices we’ve already lost DWP pensions and benefits payments, we’re about to lose the National Lottery, we’ve lost TV licences and fishing licences - we’re supposed to be the public face of government, where people can go to pay their bills, but if we keep losing services we won’t be here.

“The government is pushing through into the digital age, but not everyone has internet access and loneliness is a big problem - sometimes the only person someone will speak to in a day is me.

“The three post offices in Malvern are all privately owned - people have to use us or they’ll lose us.”

Miss Cain's “surreal” but “exhausting” day started with an appearance on BBC Hereford and Worcester and featured a photoshoot outside 10 Downing Street, more radio interviews and a TV appearance on BBC Midlands Today.

But she is glad to have got her message out to people.

“The Post Office is as British as fish and chips, but right now our services are gradually being chipped away.”

A DVLA spokesperson said: “The Post Office currently provide a limited range of DVLA’s services and an extension to the current contract has been agreed until 31 March 2024.

“We want our customers to be able to access our services as quickly and as easily as possible, and the role of front office counter services will form part of the considerations of any future service offerings.”