A Malvern bank has closed for the last time, leaving the town's MP "deeply saddened".

Halifax in Church Street shuts its doors for good today (Monday, November 6).

The bank announced the decision to close the Malvern branch back in June, pointing to the fact the number of transactions at the branch had dropped by 65 percent since 2018.

According to Halifax, only 82 customers used the branch regularly in the 12 months up to January 2023.

A closing branch review published on the bank’s website shows that more than 50 percent of customers using the branch are aged 55 and over.

Halifax said 72 percent of Malvern branch customers had also used other Halifax branches, online banking or telephone banking, and that 31 percent had also used the Post Office.

It says a community banker will visit Malvern following the branch closure, to guide customers through the different ways they can access the bank and support with account enquiries.

“They’ll have a dedicated office space in a local venue for you to chat in private,” the Halifax website says, “and there’s no need to arrange an appointment.

“Simply visit them during their opening hours at their community venue.”

Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire, said: “I am deeply saddened whenever a high street bank closed and I met with the local Halifax management during the summer, who briefed me on the plans to make sure that elderly and vulnerable customers were being adequately supported.

“Across the board, banks are withdrawing from the high street as more customers do their banking online.”

Mrs Baldwin has been vocal about the closure of Lloyds bank in Pershore, which leaves the town without a high street bank.

“Where a branch closes leaving no other branch, there is a requirement to open a banking hub,” she said.

“I’m supporting efforts to deliver a banking hub in Pershore and I’ll be monitoring the situation closely across Pershore to make sure that people are able to access banking services face-to-face when they need to.”