A MALVERN man has slammed Severn Trent Water for ongoing water pressure issues affecting his road.

Tim Lessimore, of Madresfield Road, claims there have been ongoing issues with water pressure on the road since Sunday, October 15.

Mr Lessimore described the process of trying to get an answer as "being on a merry-go-round" and said exasperated neighbours are in the same situation.

He said: "Just trying to get some answers from Severn Trent has been incredibly difficult. 

"Neighbours and I have had multiple conversations with Severn Trent but we are still in the same predicament.

"Water pressure downstairs is terrible and upstairs is even worse. If we flush the toilet, there will be little to no water for the sink.

"They  provided us with drinking water at one stage, but apart from that nothing has been done."

Mr Lessimore said Severn Trent workers have been out to the area on a few occasions but the source of the leak has not been found. 

He said: "They have been back and forth to the area, and have dug up parts of the road and refilled them in looking for this water leak.

"On one occasion, my partner took this video of the hole that was dug where it sounds like you can hear running water but apparently that was not where the leak was."

He said: "What is concerning is that there are elderly residents, pregnant residents and residents with complex needs on this road that need to have access to water.

"Severn Trent has the monopoly for the area, there is not an alternative water provider for us to go to.

"We just do not think the service that we have received, and for what we pay our water bills for, has been anywhere near good enough."

Luke Coles, regional lead at Severn Trent, said the leak is on a private pipe and is not its responsibility.

He said: “The leak is on a private pipe which is the responsibility of the resident, but we have offered to help given it is causing intermittent supply issues along Madresfield Road.   

“The repair is proving to be complex and difficult and so, in the meantime, we have provided bottled water to help those affected.

"We’re working hard to get it completed as quickly as possible.”