Three ducks that live at a Malvern school have been featured on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

The ducks, who live at Dyson Perrins Church of England Academy, had their 15 minutes of fame on the show on Wednesday (September 27).

Presenter Greg James had been discussing the death of Long Boi, who was the world’s tallest known duck.

Malvern Gazette: The Dyson Perrins ducksThe Dyson Perrins ducks (Image: Dyson Perrins Church of England Academy)

Dyson Perrins science teacher and head of year seven Betty Barker was inspired to text in and tell the show about the school’s three tall runner ducks, with the suggestion that they could be measured too.

Within two minutes the show’s producer had got back in touch, inviting Mrs Barker to be interviewed on the show.

During the interview, James asked the Dyson Perrins’ eco-committee (also known as The Duck Club) to measure the three ducks to see how they measured up to Long Boi’s record.

Malvern Gazette: Staff and students with a message for Greg JamesStaff and students with a message for Greg James (Image: Dyson Perrins Church of England Academy)

Although they did not quite make the grade and threaten the record, Mrs Barker went on to offer James the opportunity to grow his own Long Boi Indian runner duck with five of the school’s very own duck eggs – a proposal he is now considering. 

She also invited James to the Dyson Perrins Open Evening on Thursday, October 5 to meet the ducks and members of the school’s eco-committee in person.

Speaking about the school’s unusual appearance on the airwaves Fred Dowdeswell, finance and business manager at Dyson Perrins, said: “To be featured on Radio One was very exciting for the school, although it does appear that our ducks seem unaffected by their new-found celebrity status.

“Our eco-garden has been a big hit with our students and we are very keen to push on and achieve eco-school status in the near future. In addition to the ducks, the eco-garden also homes two rabbits, and there are also plans for further additions.

“All in all, the last few days have caused a real stir at the school and it is certainly going to take quite some time for the ‘egg-citement’ to die down.”

You can listen to the Radio One interview on the Dyson Perrins school website.