Long-running roadworks in a Malvern street have impacted the health and wellbeing of “tolerant” residents, a councillor has claimed.

Cowleigh Bank has been closed since May 9 as Sanctuary Housing continues working on a new development off Broadlands Drive.

The works were scheduled to end by August 25, but were not completed on time and an extension until October 10 was granted by Worcestershire County Council.

Malvern Gazette: The road has been closed since MayThe road has been closed since May (Image: Natalie McVey)

Natalie McVey, who represents Malvern on both the county and district councils, said she had already raised concerns about the impact the road closure was having on residents before the extension.

“One resident contacted me to say that she and her husband were experiencing ‘long term restrictive impact’ to accessing their home, preventing them from gaining access to private services, deliveries and repeat delays to planned essential work to their property,” she said.

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The resident said continual noise from pneumatic drills, cranes and heavy vehicles had led them to turn visitors away from their homes.

“Her closing remarks to me were that they had endeavoured to be tolerant and understanding towards the planned improvements, but that unfortunately the situation was having an impact on their health and wellbeing,” said Cllr McVey.

“When I heard that an extension had been approved, I had residents in mind due to the protracted road closure and disruption.

Malvern Gazette: Cllr McVey says the health of residents is being affectedCllr McVey says the health of residents is being affected (Image: Natalie McVey)

“Their lives had already been disrupted to the detriment of their health and wellbeing, and this concerned me greatly.

“I feel dreadfully sorry for the residents who have had their lives turned upside down for over four months. Their daily lives have been impeded, mobility limited and sleep disrupted. The thought of this continuing for another month must be a devastating blow for them. 

“I have asked Worcestershire Highways why the works have not been completed on time. I have not been given any reasons.”

Cllr McVey said she has also asked for reassurance the works will be completed by the new extended deadline and whether financial penalties would be imposed on contractors if the work is not completed on time.

A spokesperson for Sanctuary said: “With the agreement of the local authority, the roadworks - which are linked to our exciting Broadlands Drive development – were extended until October 10 as additional work was required to replace damaged drainage.

"We are sorry for any inconvenience the extension causes and are committed to ensuring that any local disruption is kept to a minimum.”

Worcestershire County Council declined to comment.