A bird caused drama in a Malvern church after getting stuck inside an organ pipe.

A number of birds have been seen flying around inside Church of the Ascension in Somers Park Avenue in recent weeks.

But this particular great tit got itself in a flap after falling down an organ pipe.

Sarah Maxfield-Phillips, the church’s ministry lead, had been warned by church warden Richard Tandy that another bird had got in when she arrived at the church yesterday (Thursday, May 19).

Malvern Gazette: The bird seemed unaffected by its ordeal in the churchThe bird seemed unaffected by its ordeal in the church (Image: Malvern Link with Cowleigh)

“I saw him as I was walking to the church and he told me he’d left the doors open - we’ve had quite a few birds getting in recently,” she said.

“I said I’d look for it. And when I got inside I heard a fluttering noise. At first I thought it was behind the organ, in which case we couldn’t have done anything for it.

“Then a little face poked out of the pipe. So I called Richard and said ‘I’ve found the bird’.

“We realised the pipe was held in place by some string that was quite high up. I always carry my late grandfather’s old pen knife so I attached it to a length of dowling and cut the string.

“We took it outside, carefully turned it upside down and it flew off quite happily.”

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The church is part of Malvern Link with Cowleigh, a Church of England parish that also includes St Peter’s Church in Cowleigh Bank and St Matthias’ Church in Church Road.

The parish runs a regular Alonside Bereavement Cafe at the Church of the Ascension Hall, which also operates as a warm space for those who need it.

Malvern Link Community Fridge is also based at the church and is open every Monday between 10.30am and 1pm.

The project aims to help people make sure they have enough fresh food, as well as to reduce supermarket food waste.