A 50-YEAR-old man caught drink driving has been given a lengthy driving ban. 

Richard Eggerton was stopped in his Ford Mondeo in Penny Lane, Guarlford on April 5 after being spotted earlier by police going at around 70mph on a 40mph road. 

Owen Beale, prosecuting at Worcester Magistrates Court, said it was clear to officers Eggerton was intoxicated as he was "showing the usual signs". 

After being taken to the police station the evidential sample Eggerton gave was 57mcg in 100ml of breath, close to twice the legal limit of 35mcg. 

Malvern Gazette: DRINK DRIVER: Richard Eggerton was caught drink driving by policeDRINK DRIVER: Richard Eggerton was caught drink driving by police (Image: Facebook)

Owen Beale said an aggravating factor was Eggerton's previous convictions, the prosecutor adding Eggerton was no "stranger to the courts". 

Magistrates heard Eggerton,of Harbinger Avenue, Malvern, had previously been caught drink driving and, after being banned, had driven while disqualified.

Eggerton admitted drink driving when he appeared at the court on Thursday, (April 20).

Mr Adris, defending, said the self-employed gardener had admitted his guilt at the earliest opportunity.

The solicitor said police originally stopped Eggerton for his speed explaining the defendant was on a stretch of road that led up to a 70mph zone.

Malvern Gazette: COURT: Richard Eggerton appeared at Worcester Magistrates CourtCOURT: Richard Eggerton appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court

The solicitor said the defendant, who suffered from anxiety and depression, drank during a shift at work as it was a hot day. 

"He drank a couple of pints, he didn't think it would take him over the limit."


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The solicitor added the loss of his licence would have a "significant impact".

Kevin Lloyd-Wright, chairman of the bench, told Eggerton he would banned from driving for 46 months.

Drink drivers are sometimes offered the drink-drive awareness course which, if successfully completed, can reduce the ban length. 

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But the chairman said they had decided, due to Eggerton's past offences, they would not offer the course. 

"You are well aware of the consequences of drink driving," Mr Lloyd-Wright said. 

"It is right you serve the full length of the ban to protect other road users."

Eggerton was ordered to pay costs of £135 and victim surcharge of £100. 

The defendant, through his advocate, offered to pay the total amount of £485 at a rate of £50 a month, which was accepted by magistrates.