A new scheme that brings older people together - matching those with an available room with those looking to share a home - is being introduced in Malvern.

Cloud Nine carefully match people into a living arrangement that works for them through the Home Share scheme.

It suits people who find themselves living alone and want the security of having someone around while keeping their own personal space.

It means that friendships can develop and costs can be shared, keeping independence at home, finding companionship and saving money.

Two ladies in their 70s, Winnie and Maria, were living alone and looking for some kind of supported housing.

"They just wanted peace of mind, knowing there’s always someone there and regular support; and found the Home Share service through the council," a spokesperson said.

"The added benefit they hadn’t realised was the fun they would have - sharing meals and watching the soaps and the ability to share living costs - it’s made a big difference."

They also value having a home supporter from Cloud Nine who visits them every week to help arrange anything they need or would like to do. They say it’s been a real lifeline to them at such a difficult time.

"The scheme is being introduced in Malvern and there are already a number of older people who would like to share", the spokesperson added.

If you or someone you know has space in their home or is looking for supported accommodation in Malvern or the local area and think this arrangement might work for them, please get in touch with Jordan by emailing jordan@cloud9gb.co.uk.co.uk or call 07915 717732.

You can find out more on the Cloud Nine online at https://www.cloud9gb.co.uk/