THE players and staff at League One football club Morecambe FC could experience delays with their salaries according to Jason Whittingham, the ex-Worcester Warriors owner. 

Whittingham, director of Bond Group Investments (who own Morecambe), released a statement confirming the news earlier on Tuesday. 

"Due to the timing over potential acquisition of the club, Bond Group Investments has experienced a delay with incoming funds.

"Whilst we are still hopeful that those funds will come through later today, and payroll will happen as usual on the 28th (March), payments may be delayed but we do still fully expect them to be made this week."

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Whittingham was joint owner of Warriors with business partner Colin Goldring until the club went into administration in September. 

Prior to the club being wound up in court, Whitingham and Goldring had encountered similar issues with payments to players and staff at Worcester Warriors. 

Payments were delayed and at one point, players and staff were only paid a percentage of their salaries. Some of those staff were never paid the money they were owed due to th club going bust.