Shopkeepers in Barnards Green have been given a direct line to police.

More than a dozen shops in the area have signed up to West Mercia Police Shop Watch.

The scheme allows shop workers to message the Pickersleigh and Chase Safer Neighbourhood Police Team directly, and for officers to send out relevant alerts.

“Pickersleigh and Chase Safer Neighbourhood Police Team continue to work closely with the community we serve, which includes Barnards Green, which is a thriving shopping area of Malvern,” said a spokesperson for West Mercia Police.

PCSOs Kevin Tudge and Julie Slatter have been busy talking with shopkeepers in Barnards Green about the benefits of the scheme and say it has been well received, with 20 shops signing up for the launch.

“The shops have all received a West Mercia Police Shop Watch sticker which they have displayed to show that they are a supportive member,” said PSCO Tudge.

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“We would like to say thank you to the following shops who are members of Barnards Green Shop Watch: Elite Service Centre, Barnards Green Post Office, The Cheese Board, Co-op, One Stop Shop, Blue Cross Charity Shop, Barnards Green Store, Barnards Green Butcher, Colston Bakery, Mobile Solutions, Barnards Green Opticians, Divine, Just So, Cats Protection, Oops A Daisy Florist, Cafe in the Green, Co-op Funeral Service, Bargain Booze, Natural Choice and Mercia Carpets.”

Malvern Gazette: PCSOs launch the residential watch scheme in Charles WayPCSOs launch the residential watch scheme in Charles Way (Image: West Mercia Police)

Pickersleigh and Chase police have also been working with residents of Charles Way to set up a Community Residential Watch for the road.

The scheme works in a similar way to Neighbourhood Watch, giving residents direct contact with officers.

“It will emphasise the community spirit and the coming together of an area to ensure the area continues to be a nice place to live, with the tools in place to report and manage any anti social behaviour and/or low level crime prior to it becoming a bigger issue and therefore nipping any concerns in the bud,” said PCSO Tudge.

Police say a large number of residents have already signed up by visiting