GOOD causes in Malvern are to get a cash boost from Co-op.

The money will be raised by Co-op members - when they buy own-brand products, the retailer donates 2p for every pound spent.

Set to benefit from the Local Community Fund this year are Malvern Cube Community and Arts Centre, Malvern Green Space and Malvern Link Community Fridge.

Malvern Cube is a charity run by Malvern Youth and Community Trust, and has recently joined a scheme that brings live theatre to community venues.

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Malvern Green Space works to reduce food waste and help people in food and fuel poverty by providing free nutritious meals, and is raising funding for deliveries of food and to pay for a venue where it can serve lunches.

Malvern Link Community Fridge is raising funds to run activities to encourage use of its community fridge, such as children's activities during the holidays, and to buy an additional freezer.

Insight from more than 3,000 local community causes across the UK shows this support comes at a critical time.

More than one-in-two (59%) projects have experienced a shortfall in funding over the past 12 months, while over four-fifths (84%) of local causes have seen an increase in demand - particularly those providing support for people through the cost-of-living crisis.

Malvern Gazette: The Co-op's Rebecca Birkbeck says the cost of living crisis is making things difficult for community causesThe Co-op's Rebecca Birkbeck says the cost of living crisis is making things difficult for community causes (Image: Co-op)

Rebecca Birkbeck, director of community and member participation at Co-op, said: “We know that the cost-of-living crisis is making it incredibly challenging for many local causes.

“Our Local Community Fund promotes the development of stronger, more resilient, and fairer communities.

“Our community groups and local organisations are providing valuable services and support to people at a time when they need it most. Our Co-op membership is a powerful way for people to make a difference simply by shopping at Co-op.”

Co-op members have helped raise £117 million for local communities since 2016, including support for over 30,000 projects across the UK through the Local Community Fund. Members can also choose the local cause they would like to support through their membership.