The parents of a youth football team are having to pick up dozens of bags of dog poo before every home match.

Leigh & Bransford Badgers Girls Under 15s play their home games at Lower Howsell Road Playing Fields in Malvern.

But the council-maintained pitch isn’t exactly in tip-top condition when the team arrives on a Saturday morning.

Malvern Gazette: Leigh & Bransford Badgers' Girls Under 15s teamLeigh & Bransford Badgers' Girls Under 15s team (Image: NQ)

“Before the girls can play league matches, parents have to clean up many dog poos,” said manager Gemma Tomkinson.

“There are two bins on this site, but both are located near the play area, not the football pitches.

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“And there is only one sign re dog fouling at the main car park entrance - there are many pedestrian entrances to the fields with no signage or bins.

“I emailed Malvern Town council last year and had no reply. Local groundsmen said they will not provide bins as children set them alight.”

'It's not fair on the girls'

Parent Helen Hope said: “The girls have been playing on this pitch for a couple of years. It’s not a great pitch, it’s next to the railway line and it’s surrounded by a housing estate so you get a lot of people walking their dogs there.

“We don’t have an issue with people walking their dogs but every week we have to scour the pitch and pick up dog poo. We bring our own bags and everything.

“It’s not fair on the girls and it’s certainly not fair on us parents who have to pick it up - it’s disgusting.

“This week we found 33 separate bits of dirt. We’d had a few games cancelled so it had built up over the weeks, but there’s always about 15 or 20.

“It was the same last season and it’ll be the same until this season finishes in April.

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“Gemma has asked the council for signs and a bin. She’s had to fight for everything for them - she even had to campaign to get the toilets opened.

“How much time and effort does it really take to put up a sign and a dog bin?”

Despite the less-than-pleasant start to their Saturday, the girls did run out 1-0 winners on the day.

We have contacted Malvern Town Council.