Boots has confirmed the reason behind its impending closure.

The nationwide pharmacy chain's Church Street branch in Malvern is set to close in a matter of weeks.

A spokesperson for Boots has now confirmed it is due to an expiring lease.

"We did not have the opportunity to renew the lease for our store on Church Street in Malvern, so unfortunately the store will close on March 11 2023," they said.

"Our store at Malvern Enigma Retail Park will remain open and will continue to offer pharmacy services to our customers."

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Malvern Gazette: The Boots at Enigma Retail Park will stay openThe Boots at Enigma Retail Park will stay open (Image: Google Maps)

Malvern Hills district councillor Daniel Walton, portfolio holder for economic development and tourism, has moved to reassure residents the closure could be a positive for the high street.

“It has been long mooted that Boots would close down, in part because we have a big one now in the retail park," he said.

“The high street is doing very well in terms of shops closing and independents taking over.

“People come to Malvern because it is full of independent shops.

“So this closure is not completely negative and not a massive surprise.”

The landlord submitted a planning application to the council, proposing to turn the property into two separate shops rather than one store.

This plan was approved by councillors in February last year.

Councillor Walton said it was ideal for the sort of businesses the town is attracting but explained the council is unable to influence what will take over the units.

“When the tourist information centre closed people said they didn’t want more coffee shops but all the ones that have opened have been very successful,” he said.

“High streets are changing, they are becoming more service led.

“It is not always going to be shops that come in.”

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News of the closure was met largely with disappointment by local residents.

Among them Lynette Webster, who found out about the closure when picking up a prescription for her daughter.

She said: “It’s awful, truly awful. I was so shocked when they told me.

“I wanted to cry because they are all so lovely in there.

“They are an amazing team, really knowledgeable and friendly and always very helpful.

“It’s a big loss for our town and especially for those older people who can’t get down to the retail park."