A POPULAR village pub has been forced to close - as a driver is labelled 'disrespectful' after parking on a war memorial because of flooding.

Andrew Goodall, landlord of The Rose and Crown pub in Severn Stoke, took the decision to close today (Monday) as a precaution due to the ongoing rising water levels.

The pub has been able to keep the water out so far and hopes to reopen as soon as possible.

A statement for the pub in Church Lane said: "The Rosie will remain closed today due to flooding, we hope to be back up and running as soon as the flood waters disperse.

"I will update you as soon as I can."

The pub has had many issues with flooding in the past, with flooding in April 2022, January 2021, and February 2020. 

Flooding in 2021 caused about £60,000 worth of damage.

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Malvern Gazette: White BMW parked on the war memorial at the junction with Ham Lane and the A38 in Severn Stoke.White BMW parked on the war memorial at the junction with Ham Lane and the A38 in Severn Stoke. (Image: Berny Male)

Flooding in Severn Stoke also caused one driver to claim he was forced to park his BMW on a First World War memorial obelisk.

Severn Stoke resident Berny Male, called the parking at the junction with Ham Lane and the A38 "incredibly disrespectful".

Mr Male said: "I live opposite the memorial and I woke up on Friday thinking to myself that the car seemed to be quite close to the memorial.

"On closer inspection, I could see it was actually on the memorial itself which is incredibly disrespectful. My father and I are both members of the Royal British Legion.

"I went out to grab the picture and I came across the driver who said he had parked there due to the flood water rising in the area.

"He did apologise and tried to shake my hand but I just couldn't do it as I felt it would be accepting what had happened when it is just plain wrong."

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Cllr Martin Allen, Worcestershire County Councillor for the division of Croome, said overall, the village seemed to be coping well with the flooding.

Malvern Gazette: Cllr Martin AllenCllr Martin Allen (Image: Cllr Martin Allen)

Cllr Allen said: "Upton seems to be doing well and I am quite hopeful we will not have any issues there. Kempsey also seems to be doing well.

"As for Severn Stoke, I am aware that The Rose and Crown has closed as a precaution for now so I am hoping the water will stay out for them.

"I was also made aware of the car parked on the war memorial.

"A lot of people have been trying to get their cars to higher ground to avoid the floods, but if the driver had simply just travelled a little further up the road he would have found alternative parking that was not disrespecting the war memorial.

"I wish the driver would have thought a little more before making that decision."