A COMMUNITY group which repairs items celebrated its anniversary with a look back in time.

The Repair Cafe Malvern Hills (RCMH) celebrated its 10th anniversary after it reached its milestone date.

From mending necklaces to fixing lawnmowers, the Repair Cafe has almost seen it all over the past ten years.

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Janet Dyer, founder of RCMH, said: "It's been great fun - it's my passion.

"I started this with my husband, and we both thought Malvern had a lot of people with practical skills and thought, yes, this could work for our local area.

"It had good social and economic benefits."

Malvern Gazette:

The cafe aims to repair old and new items to help reduce waste and save residents money buying replacement items.

When the cafe first began at the Malvern Cube, it had six repairers and dealt with a limited amount of repairs each session.

Now, the volunteer force is made up of 40 repairers - with a designated sewing and front of house team - which helps mend between 65 to 80 repairs per session.

One of Miss Dyer's favourite repairs was when a 70-year-old woman brought in two ceramic objects given to her by her grandmother, which got smashed after her cats knocked them off her shelf. 

Malvern Gazette:

It took the team two months to individually put each tiny fragment together, and the woman "burst into tears" when she saw the end result.

She added: "It's always the sentimental ones which stick the most in your head.

"We never know what's coming through the door."

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National Lottery grants have enabled RCMH to expand the Repair Cafe Network across the West Midlands.

It provided financial and resource support in opening 18 new Repair Cafes across Worcester.

The cafe opens every third Saturday in the month between 10am to 1pm at the Malvern Cube on Albert Road North.