It’s the start of a New Year – and what if for 2023 you leave fear behind and focus on loving thoughts to lead a more fulfilling life?

That is the aim of Malvern intuitive coach, Alison Day, whose book ‘Love is Your Superpower’ is clocking up five-star reviews on Amazon and helping find the “hero in you”.

“I believe we all have the freedom to choose the lifestyle we truly want to live as we are the grand architects of our life,” Alison tells the Malvern Gazette.

And in the early 2000s, after contemplating suicide at her lowest point, Alison decided to turn her life around – and focus on helping others do the same.

“I have learned how to overcome depression and manage stress and anxiety far better,” she continued.

“More importantly, I have become more empowered and confident to actually create and live the lifestyle I once only dreamed of having.”

Love is Your Superpower helps the reader to learn and apply a number of simple, daily practices to help transform their life.

The book is a self-mastery tool that helps switch a mindset from fearful, negative thinking to loving, positive thinking so that people can make empowering decisions.

Alison, aged 59, has travelled the world over the last few decades, working self-employed to help thousands change their life for the better.

The Menopause was also something she struggled with, and she was keen to let women know that help is out there.

“It really is your daily habits that define you,” Alison said.

“When people do not handle stress well, they can struggle to make the right choices and decisions because they go into fear.

“We have the ability to master what we say, think and do. It really is mind over matter. And yes, what’s on your mind does matter!”

Since launching the book in July last year, it has received reviews from people who are now noticing how their daily choices are impacting them in such a big way.

Alison continued: “It’s made people realise what processes they have not gone through, and we are awakening more as a society.

“I think it’s easier for people if there are steps to follow and the book does this.

“It’s how you can activate self-love, self-worth, and self-belief. It’s written in a way that’s easy to understand – it is a practice. Just simple things to do every day to notice that loving choices followed by loving action empower you.

“We all have the power within us – and this book is a light-hearted approach to learning how to empower yourself for more success and happiness in your life.

“This is a self-mastery tool to self-activate your powers. It will make a big difference over time.”

With more people struggling with mental health following the Coronavirus pandemic and cost-of-living crisis, Alison hopes the book can help people to realise that they can “unlock their superpowers within”.

“It’s almost like switching on a light within ourselves,” she added.

“We can cultivate so much negativity and don’t even know it. Our power within is infinite and cultivating peace of mind and a sense of well-being is absolutely possible.

“Energy flows where attention goes.

“You need to start believing in yourself. Just close your eyes and take some deep breaths and say ‘I am ok’ – you can even do this with your hand on your heart.

“I just help people to help themselves. It’s about taking action and not staying where they are unhappy.

“Kindness is our greatest currency.”

And while the book is primarily aimed at women, men have also found the book helpful.

“Whoever picks the book up, it can help if you want it to. It can help you find the hero in you.”

Love is Your Superpower is available from Amazon priced at £7.77.

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