THE MP for West Worcestershire has thanked the teams who grit the counties roads on a visit to the Malvern depot this morning.

Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire, released a video on social media this morning from the depot in Malvern where salt is kept to grit the roads across the county.

She can be seen wearing a high-visibility jacket and a hard hat, with large mounds of salt behind her.

Mrs Baldwin said: "I'm here at the depot in Malvern where our gritters go out in this cold weather to make sure that the roads are well-gritted.

"And I am here to thank all those hard-working gritters for keeping our journeys safe."

Mrs Baldwin also said in her tweet that Worcestershire County Council Highways and Travel has "mountains of the stuff" ready to grit the roads.

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Worcestershire County Council uses rock salt on the roads to keep them free of ice and snow.

According to Worcestershire County Council, roads will normally be gritted when the forecast is for snow or the roads are wet and the surface temperature falls below zero.

Gritting takes place before frost forms on the roads, and the council uses the temperature of the road surface to decide if salting is required.