The Met Office has issued a level three cold weather alert but does that mean it will snow in Malvern?

The national weather service has reported that there is a 90% chance that we will experience 'severe cold weather and icy conditions' from Wednesday, December 7. 

The Level 3 alert is in place from 6 pm on Wednesday until 9 am on Monday, December 12 across some parts of England.

Here's everything you need to know from what a Level three alert means to the Met Office's advice. 

What does a Met Office Level 3 cold weather alert mean?

The weather forecaster monitors cold weather on a five-level response scale. 

A cold weather health system - in association with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA - operates in England every year from November 1 to March 31.

The Met Office says: "The thresholds have been developed to trigger an alert when severe cold weather is likely to significantly affect people's health.

"The alerts take account of temperature along with other winter weather threats such as ice and snow."

What should we expect from the Met Office's Level 3 alert? 

The cold weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of service, the Met Office has said. 

We should also prepare for cold conditions to get colder from Wednesday evening into Thursday as air from the Arctic spreads south across the country.

The nights are expected to be very cold with widespread frosts and potentially severe frosts.

During the day, temperatures will likely remain near or just above freezing, but overnight temperatures will drop.

The Met Office has predicted some wintry showers on some coasts which will perhaps push into some inland areas at times, bringing a risk of icy patches.

Malvern Gazette: Snow is predicted for MalvernSnow is predicted for Malvern (Image: PA)

Will it snow in Malvern amid the cold weather alert?

At the time of writing, the BBC has released its predictions for weather up until December 22 and in that time light snow and hail is forecast in Malvern on December 18.

The weather forecaster also predicts a gentle breeze with temperatures ranging from -4C to 7C in this time frame. Sunny intervals and light rain can also be expected. 

For your latest weather forecast, visit the BBC website.

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What to do in a Met Office cold weather alert

The Met Office has advised that we refer to the national Cold Weather Plan and your Trust's emergency plan for appropriate preventive action.

The weather service has also said: "Look out for friends and family who may be vulnerable to the cold, and ensure they have access to warm food and drinks and are managing to heat their homes adequately.

"Try to maintain indoor temperatures to at least 18°C, particularly if you are not mobile, have a long-term illness or are 65 or over.

"Avoid exposing yourself to cold or icy outdoor conditions if you are at a higher risk of cold-related illness or falls and stay up to date with the latest weather forecasts on the Met Office website."

For more information about how cold weather can affect your health please visit the NHS website.

Additionally, if you are concerned about your health or somebody you care for, you should seek advice from the seasonal health section on the NHS website, NHS 111 or your local pharmacist.