"COUNTLESS pieces of information" from the community have helped police in Malvern tackle drug-related crime.

PCSO Kevin Tudge, of the Chase and Pickersleigh safer neighbourhood policing team, has asked the public to help support the police by providing information on concerns surrounding drug dealing.

He said the police "could not make Malvern a safer place" without the information provided by residents.

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PCSO Tudge said: "As a police community support officer, I work our community spending the majority of my time on foot and cycle patrol, which enables people to tell me directly about local issues and concerns they may have.

"One such concern can be drug dealing, whether on the street or from a house or flat.

"Over the years I have received countless pieces of information about drug dealing in the community and treated those reports with professional integrity, making sure that the details of the people who are reporting their concerns are kept strictly confidential.

"There have been multiple positive outcomes through drug warrants in Malvern, which have been obtained due to information received from people in the community, which in turn has helped make our community a safer and better place to live."

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PCSO Tudge emphasised the dangers of drug use, especially on the lives of young people.

He said: "As we know, drug use, can have a detrimental effect, especially on the lives of young people, it can also be one of the main reasons for a rise in crime, which has a negative impact on the community in which we live.

"Should you or someone you know have information about drug dealing in the Community, we would encourage you to report it to us by calling 101.

"Alternatively, you can report drug dealing anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111."