FIREFIGHTERS attended a blaze which turned out to be 'a controlled bonfire' in the open near Tenbury as crews warn of risks in dry heatwave conditions.

A crew from Tenbury Fire Station were called to the fire at 10.21pm on Thursday. 


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A spokesperson for the fire service said: "On arrival we were met by the homeowner who was having a controlled bonfire and had measures in place to prevent fire spread.

"Whilst the owner took safety measures and waited for the right conditions we decided to extinguish the fire due to the risk of embers reaching any nearby crops - even with natural fire breaks and water on hand we've seen so much lately of how it can quickly change.

"The homeowner was very understanding and was given advice from our officer in charge.

"With the land being so dry still and further hot weather predicted for the weeks ahead please refrain from having bonfires of any size."