THIS is the moment the long wait ended for drivers as they were able to drive across a dual carriageway for the first time.

It is now possible to drive over the dualled Southern Link Road, including the Carrington Bridge in Worcester, after what has been a 10-year wait.


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Work on the A4440 has been underway for years in a bid to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said there was still some work to do before the project could be declared fully open.

"We are almost there. The main carriageway is open along Temeside Way. We just have the phased opening of the slip roads from Kempsey and towards Powick over the next week or so," a spokesperson said.




David Lane, describing the video, wrote on Facebook: "Thanks for the dog's POV at the beginning."

However, some complained about the time it has taken to complete the work.

Geoff Moore wrote on Facebook: "There needs to be a public enquiry as to how the hell it took 10 years. I wonder how much additional money has been made or should I say lost from the taxpayer in that decade on this project."



Roger King wrote: "Now an official race track to and from Whittington. Got overtaken yesterday morning by a guy who was doing at least 90mph followed by another driver doing a similar speed. Get some average speed cameras on there. "

Once work is finished, the road will be opened in phases to enable motorists to familiarise themselves with the new layout.

The phased opening will also provide an opportunity for the final safety inspections to be carried out, some of which have to be conducted under live traffic conditions.

Councillor Marc Bayliss, cabinet member for economy, infrastructure and skills, said: “Dualling the Southern Link Road was identified by residents and businesses as a top priority for the County Council and I am pleased to say that we will be meeting that objective very shortly.”