A Worcestershire petrol station has placed "out of use" signs on all of its unleaded petrol pumps. 

Bransford services, situated just off of the A4103, is currently only offering diesel to motorists. 

It was recently one of the cheapest petrol stations drawing in drivers from nearby Worcester trying to save a few pennies at the pumps.

Despairing drivers said they have had to travel to Tesco St Peter's to find cheap unleaded. 

All four unleaded petrol pumps at the station had "out of use" signs on them this morning (Tuesday, August 2). 

The price of unleaded petrol is still showing on the signs at the station, showing the price to be 177.7p. 

A spokesperson for the security company responsible for the station assumed that the reason for the unleaded petrol being unavailable was a technical issue with the pumps.

The spokesperson added that to their understanding, unleaded petrol at Bransford services was stocked.

A spokesperson for Certas Energy said: “There was a short pause at our unleaded pumps at Bransford, but our normal service has resumed.” 

Following the recent soar in petrol prices amidst the cost of living crisis, fuel prices in Worcester seem to have reduced recently. 

A driver filling up their car at St Peter's petrol station said: "I've come here because there's no petrol at Bransford.

"We're travelling to Birmingham and wanted to fill up at Bransford because it's so cheap but we've had to come here instead."