A HOLIDAY accommodation site at a Christmas Tree farm near Malvern is asking permission to stay open all year round.

Leigh Sinton Farm and Nurseries has applied to Malvern Hills District Council asking to vary conditions imposed on a planning application for 24 holiday lodges approved several years ago.

Under the conditions of the original holiday plans, the lodges were not allowed to be offered all year round.

But, if approved by the council, the new plan would allow the holiday lodges to be offered out during the winter months.

This was to prevent people using them as permanent homes.

However, the applicants want to offer the lodges all year round, saying they are heated and the rule preventing them from being used is unnecessary.

The plans state: "The main agricultural/horticultural enterprise conducted at the farm is growing and supplying Christmas trees, both wholesale and retail sales.

"In support of its agricultural and horticultural activities the farm has diversified and operates a fishery as well as letting storage space to local businesses and individuals.

"The site is not a caravan site, and the lodges would not be required to be moved for storage during winter months.

"The lodges are heated and insulated and would provide good standards of residential amenity throughout the year.

"The site is not within a sensitive or fragile habitat and there are no associated benefits to biodiversity in reducing the occupancy in winter months."

The applicants argue that the current conditions are only applicable to caravans or where the accommodation is not suitable for continuous occupation, particularly during the winter months.

If the plans are approved, the council could include a new condition requiring the owners to keep an up-to-date register of all owners and occupants of the lodges.

The plans, submitted in May, can be seen in full at plan.malvernhills.gov.uk/Planning/Display/M/22/00774/FUL