D.T.Wallers and Sons is a butcher’s shop in Ledbury with a fine heritage.

We took time out to speak to David Waller about the business.

What is your full name?: David. T. Waller

What is the name and address of your business?: D. T. Waller & Sons, 71 The Homend, Ledbury

Are you the owner? Yes, well MD. My 2 Sons Matt & Nathan are also Directors.

What do you sell / service provide? We sell; Fresh meats, Pies & Pastries, Sausage & Burgers, Meals – All made on the premises.

What is your best selling item?: I would say our Hereford Beef, Free Range Pork, pies and Sausages, folks come from far and wide to get them.

How did you get into butchery? I began in this trade from an early age, aged fourteen to be exact (61 years ago) where I became a delivery boy for Yarworth & Slater butchers of Malvern. I have many a fond memory of piloting my laden butchers bike up and around the hills in all weathers, as the old guard used to say, “its character building”.

In 1966 I ditched the bike after finishing my apprenticeship and became a fully qualified butcher of the old school. I first stepped into the Homend shop in the late 60s where I became manager before leaving to ply my trade elsewhere, little knowing that the next time I stepped through the door in 1977, it would be as its new owner…

In 1992 my two sons Matthew and Nathan joined the business making it a true family concern

We have proudly been serving the wonderful folk of Ledbury & surrounding areas for which is now in its forty fifth year, and now through the media of the internet we are able to deliver throughout the whole of the UK. Dispatching the finest Quality, meat straight to your door.

Our genuine commitment to our customers, is to ensure you get high quality and great value products.

Our butchery has now moved to the internet now too. We have our own you tube Channel which offers advice on butchery and cooking to those all over the world.. Website: wallersbutchers.co.uk

Where do you source your meat from? We are fortunate to have a great relationship with all our farmers, farmers we have used for many years, with the majority sourced locally within the 3 counties.

What is the weirdest thing you have been asked for?

We have been asked to make Strawberries and Champagne sausage for a local radio station, during Wimbledon a few years ago – which worked well. Alligator and Rattle snake too, for a wild west function and Kangaroo sausage and burgers for an Australian dinner - all were a great success

What is Ledbury like for a business to operate in? Ledbury is a great place to have a business, we are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful network of independent businesses, all working to make the town vibrant and busy.