A BROMSGROVE pizza shop owner has been jailed for life after murdering his wife and burying her in a “deep grave” with help from his brothers.

Nezam Salangy was handed a life sentence and must serve a minimum of 18 years in prison.

His brothers, Mohammed Ramin Salangi and Mohammed Yasin Salangi helped cover up the murder of Zobaidah Salangy and received a sentence of six years imprisonment and four years and nine months imprisonment respectively.

After Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC delivered the sentences at Worcester Crown Court on June 23, all three brothers protested their innocence before being led down to the cells.

Malvern Gazette: Zobaidah Slangy. Zobaidah Slangy.

During sentencing, Judge Hilliard said Zobaidah Salangy was killed by her husband, the person who was meant to protect her.

He said: “Zobaidah was 28 years old when she was murdered, mother of two children and a stepmother to a third.

“In Zobaidah's purse were photos of two of her children.

“She was evidently devoted to them, and they were her reason for living.

“It's plain the marriage had been an unhappy one for some time and I'm sure Nezam had been violent to her, slapping her on occasions and pulling her hair which made her cut it short

“Zobaidah had contemplated taking her own life.

“Nezam murdered her and took away any chance of her finding happiness.”

Prosecutor Nicholas Berry read out a victim statement from Zobaidah’s family which described her murder as “cruel” and “brutal.”

During a six-week trial, the jury heard on March 28, 2020, at the couple's pizza business in Bromsgrove, Salangy, aged 44 had killed his wife.

Malvern Gazette: Yasin Salangi and Ramin Salangi. Yasin Salangi and Ramin Salangi.

He contacted his two brothers who travelled from Cardiff to help him dispose of her body. 

Ramin, aged 31, travelled 90 miles by taxi from the home he shared with Yasin, aged 34, in Adamscroft Place, Caerphilly to help bury Zobaidah body’s off Copyholt Lane, Bromsgrove.

Six months later police discovered the body, though it was so decomposed that cause of death cannot be established.

Judge Hilliard said still to this day there is no explanation why Zobaidah left their family home on Austin Road and went to Prego’s Pizza Shop on March 28.

It is also not clear how Zobaidah was murdered.