A DISABLED woman who claims she has been the victim of false allegations says she will take legal action if she is the subject of any more complaints.

Tracy Ratcliffe of Beauchamp Road, Malvern, says her hand had been forced after her housing association received numerous complaints about her that she says are false.


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Miss Ratcliffe, who said her body was 'riddled with arthritis', described herself this week as being 'at breaking point' because of the allegations.

As previously reported, these include allegations of noise nuisance from her barking dogs and loud music, damage to a hedge and even that she smokes cannabis, all of which she says are untrue and have driven her to consider suicide. 

Miss Ratcliffe says she has lived at her home for the past 26 years but the complaints only relate to the last three years.

The 53-year-old said: "I have reached breaking point and this really was the last resort. I didn't want to have to do this. I could do without the stress."

She confirmed she had sought legal advice on Monday, May 30 regarding those she believes are making the complaints and the actions of Platform Housing Group since.

In an email sent on Monday of this week, she wrote that she had been 'harassed and victimised'.

She wrote: "I do not get any support from Platform Housing at all, every time I phone platform Housing or email them I keep being told that the housing officer will phone me in the next five working days and the housing officer has never phoned me."

Miss Ratcliffe warned that if the letters from Platform did not cease she would be 'taking legal action'.

She has previously described how she had been painted as a 'neighbour from hell' but is, she says, a quiet woman who 'keeps herself to herself'.

The home is the only one her two sons have ever known but a deluge of complaints to her landlord over the last three years has left her fearing she will end up being made homeless.

Claims she smokes cannabis (including reports to police), throws dog excrement over her fence, plays loud music, is a noise nuisance because of her barking dogs and has damaged a hedge are, she says, simply not true.

Platform wrote to her last month about her 'cannabis use', warning her about 'anti-social behaviour and criminal damage' at the address.

"Any further complaints regarding the behaviour of you or your family members may lead to legal action being taken against your tenancy" warned a letter to her from Platform's Neighbourhood Officer.

However, she maintains she is strongly 'anti-drugs' and that her sons, aged 26 and 23 who both work, do not smoke cannabis either.

A previous letter, with allegations dating back to 2019, detailed fireworks being let off and landing on a conservatory, music 'thudding through the wall for two hours and 19 minutes' and dogs barking.

Lisa Fairlie, Director of Housing Operations at Platform Housing Group said: "We take all customer complaints and concerns seriously and are committed to resolving them. We will continue to work with Ms Ratcliffe to do that.”